Terms & Conditions

The score
The sheetmusic offered by music-choice are used unless otherwise stated, in reasonable to good condition. Minor defects or damages which are normale by used sheetmusic. You can think of name on the flyleaf, small creases, discolorations and notes.

Price is determined by quality, rarity and popularity of the score.

Orders are processed in order of receipt. What is available is clearly stated on the form email stated. Always check the confirmation email before making payment.

With your order you can create an account to which you can manage your data at all times. But you can also order as a guest and pay directly, your data will not be saved By placing an order, you agree to the terms and conditions.

The choice offered by music-choice is a very exchanged because  we purchase from third parties and get through fairs often temporary offers.



The selling price is indicated in the score.

The sale price does not include postage. (check Deliveringinformation for shipping cost )


Payment shall only be made through a bank transfer or PayPal


If you choose bank transfer you will get a separate e-mail with payment data.


Payments are managed by the secure payment page of our payment service


After you've placed your order, we will notify you by e-mail confirmation with a detailed order confirmation and with the most important information of your order.

The order will be shipped as soon as possible after receiving payment, usually on the same working day. You will be notified by email. \ delivery time is 1-2 days in the Netherlands, 4-5 business days for foreign (send by local mail )
To the packaging and addressing of the order, we added our  greatest possible care.
music-choice shop assumes no liability for lost or late delivered items, but will cooperate fully (such as reporting and / or inquire with PostNL for the consignment to detect. The shipments are not insured and the risk of the purchaser.
Return of books is not possible.




Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so if there is anything wrong please contact us by email

All your information will be kept confidential and we will not be shared with other parties.


Defects; complaint periods
The buyer should check the purchased items upon delivery or as soon  as possible . Here the buyer to check the goods delivered to the agreement, namely:
- whether the correct goods have been delivered;
- Whether the goods delivered in terms of quantity (for example the amount and number) correspond with the agreement;
If visible defects or deficiencies, then the buyer within 3 days after delivery by email to book your own score to report.
No visible defects, buyer within 3 days after discovery and within 14 days after delivery via email to inform music-choice.




The used sheet music and used songbooks  will not be back in the line.

The simple reason that the shipping is too costly.

If ordered items does not meet your expectations please contact us.